Thursday, September 11, 2008

Service and it's Sanctifing Effects

We are not sanctified, or changed, until we change the reason we serve or until we have charity to those we serve.

I know God is in control. He gives His prophet insights to know who to call to leadership positions for His church; He gives that same insight to stake presidents, bishops and other ward leaders if they are in tune with the spirit. God knows which individuals He wants to serve in His church, and calls them to serve in a position, at the precise time, when it will help sanctify them and their family the most. God wants to bless us. He wants us to grow. But we still have our agency. The prophet Joseph Smith taught, we have all been foreordained by the laying on of hands in the pre-existence, to fulfill callings to serve one another, and to serve in His church.

I hope that when we are called to serve, whether it be to our family, to our neighbors or to the church, we may we eat our little book, as did John the Revelator, (Rev. 10:10-12) and that we may digest our calling, taking the bitter with the sweet. By doing so, we will move forward in our search for our own sanctification.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Garrett and Hayley

Our second youngest son, Garrett, finally found the girl of his dreams. He has been looking for her for an eternity! We are so excited! They are a great match. I think Hayley will be able to keep him in line. The are soooo in love. You can see in the way they treat each other, in the short glances they throw at each other, the smile that comes to their face when they look at each other and way they talk about each other. They are getting ready to start another eternal family! Nothing can be cooler than that. DeAnne and I are both so happy for them. Everybody make plans for Jan 17th.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jesus The Christ

I went to class with DeAnne yesterday and thought I would share with you some things that impressed me. 1.) Jesus was the first born of Heavenly Father and Mother, in the spirit. 2.)Jesus was perfect in living all of the commandments of Heavenly Father in the Pre-Existance and became a God. He belonged to the league of Gods and became like them before he had a body of flesh and bones. 3.) Jesus Created this earth and many others, while he was yet a spirit. He showed his spirit body to Adam, Moses, Abraham, Ether and others before he came to earth. 4.) Jesus came to this earth to gain a body and earthly experiece, lived the law perfectly with no sin, suffered in Gethsemene and on the cross and became Jesus the Christ and the Savior for all His creations. 5.) Christ did not provide an atonement for all people. For example, he did not save Father Eloheim or Grandpa Eloheim or other Gods, or the people they provided an atonement for. They had some other Savior. 6.) He set the example for us to follow and said, "Come Follow Me", do as you have seen me do. 7.) You can't follow Him if you don't understand his history and his love for His Father and Mother and for His brother and sisters. (us). 8) Jesus provided the sacrifice for us and is willing to give His Father the glory. 9) Because he loves us so much, He suffered so we don't have to, if we will repent. He wants all of us to return to Heavenly Father and Mother with and live with Him and be like Him.