Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mom Update Oct 28th

I visited Mom tonight and she is drastically better. She is much better than yesterday. She is alert, won't stop talking and asking questions and she is eating again. So the roller-coaster ride continues!

We are not sure what that means for her longevity, but she is back for now.

Update on Mom's Latest Adventure

Hi family, I just need to bring those interested in Mom’s health, up to date. Last Friday night, Mom tried to get out of her wheel chair and took a spill. The concrete floor was not at all flexible or forgiving. Mom fell on her arm, head and face. She broke her right wrist; this is the opposite one she broke back in May.

She put a large, deep cut on top her nose bruised her cheek bone, got two black eyes and put a bump on her forehead about 4 inches wide, 4 inches long, and about 3 inches in height. We put cool packs on her forehead and got most of the swelling down. They glued and taped the cut on her nose. She has a splint for her wrist.

She looks like she ran face first into one of the Mammoth Elk we saw in Yellowstone.

She has a lot of color on her face; almost like a rainbow, her face has white, yellow, green, red, purple, blue and black. Be prepared for that if you go see her.

Yesterday, at about noon, she became totally unresponsive to everyone and everything. The doctor came in checked her out again and said she either has blood on her brain or had a stroke. I saw her at about 3 o’clock yesterday and she did start responding to people by about 4 P.M. But she would say just a few words and then fade back to sleep. All of her children and spouses visited her yesterday except Barry.

Mom has lost 14 pounds and doesn’t want anything to eat. She will only accept small sips of water. In her papers it is her desire not to use any feeding tubes.

Any way the doctor said her body was now in shut-down mode and in his professional opinion, she would be gone in 48 hours, unless something drastically changes in her condition.

I just want those who read this blog (Family) to be aware of her condition and make your plans accordingly. If you want to stop by and see her, keep your visit quite and short.

Pray for the angles to come quickly for her, that she may be released from the pains of her battered body and from the confines of her troubled mind.

Life is not about quantity, but quality.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Yellowstone with the Shipley's

Bear World with the Shipley’s
We met the Shipley's at Bear World and had a great time there. The feeding truck was half price that day so we splurged and we all got to go on the truck to feed the bears. I have included a couple picture we took from the truck. We also went to the petting zoo.

Shelby feeding the deer the shirt off her back - - - Sarah deciding how much to feed the goat

The Bear Cubs playing together The three bears + one from the feeding truck

Wolves from the feeding truck
The quote of the day came from Sarah when we were all done at Bear World. She said, "This is the best day of my life!" I agree Sarah. We sure had a good time with the Shipley's.

Now some pictures we took with the Shipley’s in Yellowstone Park

Bald Eagle in the very top of the tree Elk near Madison Junction

Emerald Hot Pool It looks like gold leaf to me.

Geysers Fire Hole Falls

Give me home where the Buffalo roam. Muskrat, fish and ducks at Big Springs

Shelby and Sarah and Elk at Mammoth Elk at Mammoth

Lions or Cougars? The Moose we saw before they got there.
The girls were so good to us and to each other. It was a great vacation. A great way to spend time with our children and grandchilden and share some of nature together.