Friday, February 20, 2009

Banks want more money?

Do banks want money or is it something else they want?

What does a bank get when it lends money?
1. Principle and Interest on the money they lend, plus they can lend 10 times the money they actually have.
2. They put chains of bondage on the people who owe them money. They become the master and the borrower becomes their slave.

We saw a movie where the banks want to lend money to a group that will cause a civil war. The group’s leader says his group has no way to repay the bank for the money it needs to arm his soldiers. The banker replies by saying something like this: The money isn’t what we want; it is the control and power that we will gain by the debt that the people and nation will incur when they come to us for money to purchase items to protect themselves. We will take away their freedoms and put them in bondage to us.

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! (Not all Whoa’s are created equal!)

Consider this:

If banks are given money by their customers, the Federal Reserve allows them to lend out ten times what they are given. Example: You give a bank $1,000 by putting it in a savings account. The Fed allows the banks to lend $10,000. Where does the other $9,000 come from? It really doesn’t exist. It comes from the power of the Fed to allow the bank to lend out ten times what they actually have. It also comes from the faith of the people who are borrowing, that the money they borrow can actually be use to buy something. The borrower also knows the bank has the right to collect their money, repossess the item you used their money to buy, take you to court in order to get it, brand you as a bad risk, and/or to put you in jail.

So let’s say they are given $1,000 by a rich man. They will want to lend it out immediately. How much do they get back, if the charge 5% yearly interest? Remembering they can lend ten times what the rich man gave them.
10 X 1,000 = $10,000
.05 X 10,000 = $500
Where do they make the most money? Not from the interest!
Their return from the $1,000 dollars given to them by the rich man, if they lend it out to others is $10,500. That is, if everyone they lent the money to, pays them back in one year. They now have $10,500 to lend out. But now, we times that by 10 = $105,000 to lend out. And on it goes.
Are they hurt if one of the ten people fails to pay them back? A little bit. The bank takes the borrower to court, repossesses the item, marks the borrower as a bad credit risk, so that person can’t get any more loans from any bank. And the bank makes “Only” 9.5 % instead of 10.5% on their money. They claim in court they “Lost” $1,000. Did they really loose money? No, they just didn’t make as much as their greedy little minds wanted to or expected to.

If we want in on part of the action and we have some extra money we want to put into the bank to collect interest, what rate of return do they give us? .03% is the going rate today. How does that compare to what the banks are getting? (Banks get) 10.5 divide that by .03 (what they give us) = 350. In other words they get 350 times as much as they are willing to give us, who actually have the money. No wonder they come up with slogans such as, “We haven’t forgot who keeps us in business”!

This sounds like greed to me, or maybe even a conspiracy! And now they turn around and want us to bail them out? The bank had no mercy on the borrower that failed to pay them back. The bank wouldn’t bail the borrower out in any way, shape or form. It would seem anyone that is so stupid that they can’t make a living earning 350 times the rate they are willing to pay, doesn’t even deserve a bucket! If they won’t help themselves bail out of their mess, should we feel sorry for them or should we just start over with a new bank that has smarter people?

Just stop and think what they are asking the tax payers to do. They want $250,000,000,000, (250 Billion Dollars), from you and me. They turn around and lend out ten times that amount, (7 Trillion dollars). I’m sure they are laughing their heads off. Laughing “All the way to their Bank”!

Just take a minute and Google “bank bail out list”. Take note of the last name on the list. Not that the list stops there. The list is so long my finger got cramps scrolling down it!

Bank bailout: Who's getting the money
The Treasury Department is in the midst of doling out $250 billion to financial institutions nationwide as part of the $700 billion bailout plan. Here's a list of the banks that have received checks so far.

Date of Capital Injection
Financial Institution

Wells Fargo & Co.
San Francisco

JPMorgan Chase & Co.
New York

Citigroup Inc.
New York

Bank of America Corp.1

Morgan Stanley
New York

Goldman Sachs Group Inc.
New York

Bank of New York Mellon Corp.
New York

State Street Corp.

U.S. Bancorp

Capital One Financial Corp.

Regions Financial Corp.

SunTrust Banks Inc.

BB&T Corp.


Comerica Inc.

Marshall & Ilsley Corp.

Northern Trust Corp.

Zions Bancorporation
Salt Lake City

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Follow-up on my LOST Post

I hope you didn’t take my last post about LOST the wrong way. I love LOST. I just think the writers and producer of LOST want to keep us LOST enough so that we don’t figure out that the plot of LOST is to keep us LOST. Not so LOST that we quit watching LOST, but LOST enough to keep LOST a number one show. We are the ones they want to keep LOST. That is why they called the show LOST.

Have I LOST you? If so, read that again. We are right where the writers of LOST want us. Still LOST, but still watching LOST, because we love LOST. Maybe we just love being LOST? What would be the fun of not being LOST? We wouldn’t have anything to figure out!

Did you ever talk to someone that was reported on the news to be LOST? When we finally find them and they hear the news report for the first time saying, “The LOST” (hunters or whatever) have been found, the ones that were “Lost” will say, “LOST? LOST? We weren’t LOST! We knew where we were the whole time! We just couldn’t get home! We weren’t LOST!”

So it is with LOST. The characters can’t get home, but they know where they are the whole time. We that watch the show and try to figure out where they are, are the only ones that are LOST. Thank heaven, God knows where we are all the time!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Are any of you addicted, like I am, to the TV show called Lost? What is the show all about anyway? I think I have it all figured out! It’s all in the name, Lost.

It started out as a story about 71 people who survived the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 onto a mysterious island somewhere in the South Pacific. At first hey didn’t know where they were. They were LOST. Then we find out none of their friends or loved ones can find them, . . . They are just plain LOST, they disappeared, gone, poof! LOST.

Then the show flashes back and shows us some of the character’s “pre-existant” lives and what they did before the plane crash. Jack was bringing his dad back from Australia because his dad had died. Jack and his dad were working in the same hospital, but didn’t know much about each other. They had, hummmm, LOST their connection to each another. For example Jack didn’t know his dad had had an affair with another woman and Jack had sister, which he never knew about.

What about Jack’s sister? Claire was pregnant, she went to a soothsayer to find out what to do with the baby she was about to give birth to. Who would do that? Why did she do it? To find herself because she was LOST!

Hurly won the lottery and everything he spent it on blew up or died. He ended up in a mental institution playing bored games, (yes I meant to spell it that way), with a ghost. Why? Yeah, he was LOST.

Kate lived in a home where her father abused her and Kate’s mother. In desperation to find herself, she robbed banks, killed people and then to top it all off, she blew up her mother,s house with her no good, abusing father still in it. Why did she do that? Ah ha, because she was LOST! Kate told her mother what she had done and her mother told the police. They locked her up for murder. Amazingly, she escaped and married a policeman. Did she live happily-ever-after? NO! She went from town to town because she was….let’s say it all together…she was LOST.

Sawyer certainly was a LOST soul.

John wandered around the country trying to find himself. Yes, he was LOST until.
John Locke’s dad squeezed a kidney out of him and pushed him out the window.

That brings us to Jin, Sun, Daniel, Walt, (and his dad, I cant remember his name) Sayid, Charlie, Aaron and Desmond. What about them? LOST, LOST, LOST!

The only character that knew where he was is Ben!

Then everything changes.

Ben, out of the goodness of his heart, (if there is such a place in his heart), meets all the survivors and helps them find themselves. Kate, Jack, Sayid, Sun, Aaron, Hurly, Walt and Desmond, all know they are back home in the good old USA. (And so does Ben, bless his bulging eyes!)

Jin, Sawyer, Juliet, John, Claire and newcomers, Daniel, Miles and Charlotte, all know they are still on the Island. (Oops, Charlotte died last week.)

Danielle, Alex, Charlie, Anna Lucia, Eko, Libby and several others are dead, but they know they are and they know where they are! They even appear to the people who are alive from time to time and tell them what they should do. They aren’t LOST!

John Locke is both Dead and Alive. It doesn’t bother him any more. He knows where he is either place. None of them are Lost anymore!

Now I need to wrap this all up. With all the flashbacks, flash forwards, and time shifts, all the characters figure out where they are. They are no longer LOST.

Do they need to change the name of the show to “LOST and FOUND”? Oh no, because WE, who have watched the show for 5 years now, WE, are sill L O S T!