Friday, February 4, 2011

Report Cards

Report cards are a way of judging our progress. If we were to be judged today by the Lord what kind of grade would you have earned? Give yourself an honest grade for each year of your life.

Don’t judge yourself too harshly. You are generally your own worst judge.

For example let me take my life. I am almost 62 years old. I would give myself the following report card.

A – 3 years (My mission plus a little)
B – 20 years (The way I served and taught my family years)
C – 35 years (Just average)
D – 3 years (rebelling as a kid and teenager)
F – 1 years (Doing things I knew were wrong)

Now I will put some math to it.
A + 100
B = 80
C = 60
D = 30
F = 10 (for living)

My total score would be:
A – 100 X 3 = 300
B - 80 X 20 = 2,840
C – 60 X 35 = 2,100
D – 30 X 3 = 90
F – 10 X 1 = 10
Total score = 5,340/62 = 86.13 (That’s much better than I thought!)

That would give me just above a B for my life so far.

Wait there is more.

There are three degrees in the Celestial Kingdom. If you have been baptized and have a Celestial marriage, (note I didn’t say a temple marriage), that will get you into the Celestial Kingdom.
A = Celestial (Living with God and having an eternal family)
B = Celestial (Room for improvement)
C = Celestial (Able to serve and live with other Celestials)
D = Terrestrial
F = Telestial
No Glory = the sons of perdition

So I give myself a B, and that is with the help of the atonement. I would be in the Celestial Kingdon, but not able to have a posterity. But I want to be with my wife and family!

Here is the part we almost always forget. LIFE IS ETERNAL! How many years did we live in the preexistence with Heavenly Father? Well let’s take the worst case scenario. We were there in the in the preexistence with Adam and Eve. They came to earth 6011 years ago right? I came to earth 5,949 years after Adam. So for at least 5,949 years I was living with Adam, Heavenly Father and Christ = 5,949 years worth of A’s ! Because no unclean thing can abide His presence.

How does that change my over all grade?
A – 100X(5,949+3) = 595,200
B - 80 X 20 = 2,840
C – 60 X 35 = 2,100
D – 30 X 3 = 90
F – 10 X 1 = 10
Total score = 600,240/6,011 = 99.86% WOW!

No wonder the Lord called his plan, “The plan of Happiness!” We get to keep our families and be part of Heavenly Fathers eternal family! Once we return to his presence, he can continue to teach us and we will get more education and more “A’s.”

Now figure up what your grade is.

I think women get at least a thousand extra bonus points for every child they have and at least Ten thousand extra bonus points for putting up with their husbands!