Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We are under contract with a new house!

Let me start out with a message to Garrett and Hayley. I have tried to call you guys, but no one answers your cell phone. All your cell phone will do is put me to your voice mail. I have left messages in an attempt to let you know before we announce this to the rest of the kids. We want to give you as much notice as we possibly can about the time frame when we expect to be moving, so you can make other arrangements for what you want to do with your condo at Oak Meadows. Maybe you will read this if you are not getting those phone messages. We hope you are enjoying your time in Chicago! Hopefully this post will not dampen your time there.

We got word last night that we are under contract for a new home. We are excited about it! We expect to have the closing in about 30 days from now. We have some painting to do and we want to replace some carpet before we move into the new house. We can’t do anything to the house until after the closing, so we hope to have all the repairs done to the new house and all the cleaning done at the Condo, and moved out by the end of April.

We will need lots of help to get everything moved, so we hope you won’t all start planning ways of being out of town! That is just a joke; we know you will all help us, just as you have always done in the past. We really appreciate all of you!

We are having an inspection done on the house this coming Friday.

If any of you are in town and want to see the house on Saturday, let us know. I’m not sure where we are holding FHE this Sunday. If FHE is here in town you could see the house on Sunday. If FHE is at Tiff and Mike’s, Saturday may work better.

We love all you all!