Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cruch Time!

Boy it seems that our whole family is under stress. Where do I begin?

Stress! What Stress?

Stress about everything that comes with moving.
Stress about a recent operation and not over-doing.
Trying not to forget to take your pills
That are supposed to relieve all your ills.

Leaving friends of many years, some for thirty five.
That alone makes us wonder, “How will we ever survive?”
Sometimes we can’t see through our tears,
As we remember experiences back through those years.

A suit needs some fitting
So there is no time for sitting.
We can’ find a brown dress,
Oh, what a mess!

Then there is the Christmas shopping
And it keeps us both hopping.
Remember the Christmas sewing,
And the stress keeps on growing.

At least we have nothing to fear,
As a wonderful wedding draws ever near.
They love each other so much,
They smile whenever they touch.

As I go down the list and read some of your blogs, I realize every single person in our family is living with a high level of stress right now. We need to help one another deal with the stress we each face and be careful, whenever possible not to add to one another’s stress levels.

Let’s get together this Thanksgiving and give thanks for all our blessings and have some good clean fun together. Then we can all cope better with the rest of the ‘crap’. (Crap is a Hebrew word meaning something not so pleasant.)

We love you all and want to thank you all for your help with our move!