Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Last week at class, Brother Christiansen made a brief statement and then hurried on to other topics. His statement really struck me hard and made me think.

It reminded me of the episode of M.A.S.H., when Hawkeye said, “War isn’t Hell. War is War and Hell is Hell. War is worse than Hell because unlike war, all those who are in Hell made a choice to be there.” Most of those who find themselves in war had no choice.

But I digress. What Brother Christensen said was, “When the world speaks of peace they mean a world without war. When the Latter Day Saints speak of peace we mean a time and place where we can be with God.” I have pondered and thought a lot about that statement and wanted to write down my thoughts before I forget them. Where do I find peace and rest?

Peace is a time and place where I am protected from the devil, hsi angels and his worldly influences. There is an hour of peace and rest when I pray. (Reminds me of the song.) I find peace and rest when I go to church, partake of the sacrament and worship God. I find Peace and rest when I go to the Temple, and when I do enjoyable things with my family. When I visit a new born baby, the elderly, and the sick or take care of the poor.

I find peace and rest when I go to the mountains, ocean, lakes, streams, or places where I am not bombarded with the enticements of Satan. Where there are no magazine racks full of partially clothed people. Where there is love toward people instead of hate, envy or greed. Where Hollywood can't force their values upon me. Where sport figures are not promoting products that are bad for my body and spirit, and where corrupt politicians and corporate executives cannot control my thoughts and my time.

When God rested on the seventh day, I think His rest was being with his children and teaching us about "Things as the really are" in the eternities. I think He talked to us about who we really are. He gave us a Fathers's blessing before we came to this earth. He taught us about spiritual and eternal things. What a sacrament meeting that would have been!

I need to take more time to find and go to more places where I can find peace and rest! Places where I can be close to my Heavenly Father and get to know Him better.

That’s the way I see it.