Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Grandma Ward

Just an update for our family.

For those of you who have not heard, Grandma Ward fell down in her kitchen last Saturday morning , May 23rd, and broke her wrist. DeAnne and I spent all day Saturday with here at the hospital. We appreciated Jared coming to her home and getting her swamp cooler up and running for the season, especially since he had his life flash before his eyes with an unexpected scare on the roof and ladder. Thanks Jared! We really, really appreciated you doing that for your Grandmother!

Mom spent all of Saturday in the Pioneer Valley Hospital and then she was moved to the Jordan Valley Hospital Saturday evening. She was thankful for those who visited her while she was there. Madeline, Jared, Liz and Bradley brought her some cheery yellow flowers while she was there. Mom said yellow was her favorite color.

Without the use of her left arm, she is not able to get up or down without assistance, and she cannot control the walker with one hand. We felt the best thing to do would be to send her to a rehab center where they could try to strengthen her arm and legs. We hope she will eat well, do her physical therapy on her arm and legs and get to a point where she can get up and down by herself and be able to walk again.

We moved her to Legacy Rehab center yesterday, (Tuesday). It was one of the hardest things I have had to do in my life! She is confused and not very happy right now.

We have tried to spend as much time with her as we possibly could. She really likes to have people visit her and keep her company. She will talk to you almost non-stop. Jared and Liz and family visited her on Tuesday night.

We, along with Mom, would appreciate it very much if any of you could find time to visit her as often as you can. She will be there until her arm heals, which we think will be two or three months. At any rate, she will be there until she can walk by herself and get up and down by herself. There is also the possibility that she may not live that long. So please visit her as often as you can. DeAnne and I will be going to Cedar City and Bryce Canyon for our Anniversary. We need to get away for a few days! We will have the cell phone with us.

We will need someone to check on the cat, just once while we are gone. Any volunteers?

Mom has a private room at Legacy Rehab Center, which is located on the north side of 90th south, less than a block west of the Bangerter Highway. It is straight west of the Jordan Valley Hospital.

We are relieved that Garrett is on the mend and that he no longer has the tube in his side.

We love you all and hope you and your families are all doing well!