Friday, April 9, 2010

We are Home Owners Again

Well, I didn't think we would ever own a home again, but yesterday we closed on the loan. Now we are in debt, to a bank, like most of the people in the world. (sigh.) We have enjoyed most of our time here in the condo, and have had some good neighbors and good experiences in our ward.

We want to thank Garrett and Hayley for putting up with us for the past year and a half. It was the place we were suppose to be so we could help my Mom and Dad with their yard and finances. But Mom and Dad have moved on and our neighbors, here in the condo have changed. We are excited to be out from under the smokers, drinkers and party goers in our condo.

We have taken advantage of a great opportunity, with real estate prices being down and the tax credit that is being offered. When we combined that with a 4.75 interest rate, we knew we would never have a better time to buy.

We will packing on April 16th and moving on the 17th. Garth is being good to us by bringing his toy hauler down to us to help us move. He said he is going to park it at our condo on Thursday, April 15th, so we can start hauling things out to it.

We really need as much help as we can get. The older we get, the slower we move and the shorter our endurance. So please come and help us move! We really can't do it without loads of help. Every single helper will help tons. (Literally)

DeAnne and I want to thank our family for all of your love, prayers and support. We can't tell you of all the small miracles that have happened along the way to getting this new home. We feel it is where the Lord is guiding us to live for the few years we have left.

James is amazing! If you even think about moving or know anyone who is, James will give you and your friends, all he has and it will be the best experience you have ever had in buying or selling real estate. He has done both for us! We have nothing but praise for James. I'm sure you and your friends will have the same great experience with James as we have had. Thank James!