Sunday, September 15, 2013

20 Of the Lord’s Miracles Given through Moses

1. Moses sees the burning Bush on Mt. Horeb, the mountain of God - The Lord identifies himself as Jehovah – Ex. 6:3
2. Aaron’s rod turns into a Serpent, Turns the river to blood. He sends the plagues of frogs, lice, flies, the cattle of Egyptians destroyed, but not the cattle of the Israelites. He sends boils and blain, hail and fire, locust and three days of thick darkness.
3. The firstborn of Egyptians destroyed, but not the firstborn of the Israelites. After sending all the plagues upon the Egyptians so that Pharaoh will “Let His People Go”, Moses leads the Israelites out of Egypt after 430 years.
4. They get in the desert and complain of the heat. The Lord provides a cloud by day for shade.
5. They are afraid of the dark, so the Lord provides a night light for them, a pillar of fire by night.
6. They complain, “I’m thirsty” The Lord heals the waters of Marah.
7. The Lord leads them and they reach the beach of the Red Sea. Moses finds them there beaching and moaning.
8. They see the Egyptians coming after them and curse Moses because the Egyptians will now surely kill them. Moses put up his hands, waves his magic rod and the Red Sea parts.
9. Moses tells them to hurry across to the other side. They complain, “We might get our feet muddy.” Moses tells them to get their asses, (and camels) to the other side.
10. They get to the other side and say, “Way to go Moses, the Egyptian army is still coming through the Red Sea after us. We are going to die! Moses raises his arms again, the waters of the Red Sea come back in their proper place and all the Egyptian armies are drowned.
11. Now they complain about being hungry. The Lord provides them with manna every day but the Sabbath, for 40 years.
12. They complain, “Only manna?” “Can’t you order pizza or McDonalds and have it delivered?” Instead, the Lord sends quail via air mail.
13. “We’re thirsty again; can’t you give us some caffeine free Pepsi?” The Lord gives them something better for them, He tells Moses to take his magic rod and smites a rock and a never ending spring of fresh water gushes forth.
14. Instead of being grateful, they want Moses to perform a miracle to prove he is a Prophet of God?? Are you kidding me?
15. So, God calls Moses to Mt. Sinai. (The Temple)
16. Moses, Aaron, Nadab, Abihu and the 70 see God. (The Law of Witnesses)
17. The Lord gives Moses two tablets of Testimony and Covenants. (I Think of the two priesthood covenants of the temple) The two tablets gave them priesthood power to do everything. That is when the Lord wanted to give them two tablets, the two tablets would be two 64 bit Ipads with a link to Kolob, but they weren’t ready for them, so he smashes them to bits.
18. Then they go to the Golden Coral to worship the Golden Calf and eat and drink too much.
19. Moses speaks to the Lord face to face in the tabernacle, sees his glory, but doesn’t see His face. (I think of the temple again.)
20. Moses receives two new tablets. Stone tablets this time, no more Ipad’s for them! They are still in the stoned.

I am so grateful for:
Moses and all the old Prophets as well as the living Prophets we have today.
A wonderful, beautiful wife!
A marvelous family that loves the gospel of and loves to serve one another.
A Loving Heavenly Father and his Son, Jesus Christ.
The Atonement
A great home teaching companion
Loving friends and neighbors and for all my blessings that would take pages and pages to enumerate.